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Saturday, February 19, 2011


ICR (the Institute of Cetacean Research) was established in 1987 as a specialized organization to conduct cetacean research.
The organization started JAPRA (Japanese Whale Research Program under Special Permit in the Antarctic), and whaling was conducted as a part of the research.

According to ICR, the most recent JARPA review by the IWC's Scientific Committee in December 2006 concluded as follows.

"the dataset provides a valuable resource to allow investigation of some aspects of the role of whales within the marine ecosystem and that this has the potential to make an important conntribution to the Scientific Committee's work in this regard as well as the work of other relevant bodies such as the Convention for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources" and,
"the results from the research program have the potential to improve management of minke whales in the Southern Hemisphere"

As the result of the dedicated research, ICR received the authorization by IWC to conduct another series of study called JAPRAII.
Visit the official website of IRC (English ) for more details. Abundant data is available on the webpage.

On February 18, IRC decided to return its research vessel from the Antarctic due to the repeated and illegal attacks inflicted by Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.
Because of the SSCS's illegal acts, the lawful research of the Japanese vessel was ceased.
SSCS's ship rams the Japanese research vessel
When I saw the picture above, it reminded me of something, something unforgettable.

They are driven by different motives, but they share one thing in common - they are both outlaws.

The Australian government has been gladly allowing the SSCS to use one of its port, and thus he deserves condemnation.
The American government, who has been tolerating the tax exemption for SSCS, needs to order the organization to respect the international law if he wants to claim himself as the world's police.
I don't think it's worthwhile to explain the illegality of SSCS's activities.

Finally, I need to mention those who support SSCS without enough knowledge on what has been done by the organization. It's quite likely that the supporters are good people who love nature, but I'm obliged to state the following.
They need to truly appreciate the organization before they start supporting it. Without the prerequisite, it turns into mere masturbation. As to the people who support SSCC knowing all the facts, I admit that the prospect of changing their minds is not much. I wish there was a good way to understand their logic.

I wonder why these "environmental activists" don't invest donated money in scientific study to prove ICR's dataset to be incorrect and demand ICR's research to be stopped, instead of coming all the way to Japan to give the fishery a crossfire.
Can any of you feel their respect to the Japanese man?

"Love begins by taking care of the closest ones - the ones at home."

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  1. I hate what Sea Shepherd dose, they are counter-productive to what they claim to stand for, and destructive. I don't know why we tolerate them either, it's only a mater of time before they cause someone to be seriously injured by their actions.

    The problem is, that no one here knows much about them or the whaling situation in the Pacific. While that is no excuse for the governments, it doesn't allow the civilian population to press for action against SSCS.

    In fact, i've only been recently informed about their actions within the past 6 months, before which i didn't even know they existed as a group. It was only due to a Texan on You Tube that often features Japanese politics and issues important to Japan and the US, as they are very rarely mentioned by the large media companies from my experience.

    I've since learned of several meetings, the biggest happening sometime in 2009. In 2002 the FBI (the highest 'rank' of police for internal issues) told a congressional panel that Sea Shepherd practiced violence against commercial fishing vessels.

    For many years after 9/11 we have had extreme sensitivity to anything terror related. While that sensitivity has receded over recent years, the events are still fresh in many people's mind. I think the best way to combat Sea Shepherd is to follow Japan, and label them as eco-terrorists.

    Exposing a group as a supporter of terrorist methods is the single most effective way to turn the public's opinion against them from what i've witnessed in the past.

    Sea Shepherd should conduct itself with honor, and not attack fishing vessels filled with men trying to make a living for themselves, while conducting important research. Instead they should take their grievances to the court and respect the verdict. Terrorism is never the answer and it's very counter productive.

    If Sea Shepherd ever wants to repair it's image with me, they should stop acting like barbarians and stop attacking ships. Why they have not been stoped, i don't know..

    Sea Shepherd claims that the fishing vessels are out of line, but the way i see if- if that was the case the international courts would take action. They haven't, because nothing illegal has been done by the Japanese ships or crews.