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Friday, February 25, 2011

Green float - the environmental island

Shimizu corporation proposes an innovative plan.

The company plans to construct floating cities in the equatorial area on the Pacific ocean.
According to Shimizu corporation, the equatorial area is rarely troubled by typhoons, and floating cities can expect the greatest benefits from the sunshine.
The company has been conducting comprehensive studies together with Super Collaborative Graduate School (I wonder why the name sounds so fishy), and Nomura Securities, and they plan to establish the first floating city by 2025. 2025... it make me feel so hopeful. I'll definitely visit the city as soon as it comes true (I hope it'll be affordable).

Residential areas located between 700 to 1000 above the sea level are expected to have 26-28 degrees centigrade throughout year, and each has the capacity of 30000 people.
On the other hand, 10000 people are expected to live near the water side. Sounds like the matter of economic gap creeps into this dreamlike project too.

As it is named "Green Float", the total amount of CO2 emission will go minus thanks to it's environmentally friendly structure.

Wastes from the residential areas at the top will be reused as fertilizer in the lower layers where vegetables are produced, and extractable remnants are used again in the area close to the sea level to grow grains and live stock. Finally, they reach the sea and feed the fish.

In addition, the Green Float will collect garbage floating on the Pacific ocean and take it into the ecocycle.

I hope, some day in the near future, the Green Float will blossom around the world like water lilies.

Movie about the Green Float (sorry all I could find were in Japanese)

Visit the following website for details (written in English).


  1. That sounds really promising, but awfully ambitious. I hope good progress i made on it, but i worry about how they would get funding for such a project.

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