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Sunday, February 27, 2011

NZ earth quake and the media

On February 24, two Japanese "journalists" were arrested over night when they tried to enter Christchurch Hospital to interview victims of the earthquake.
After the earthquake in the area, the police established a cordon, and curfew was put.
Anyone without a valid ID was to be arrested at that time.

According to New Zealand Press association, "the incident, which happened overnight, was referred to police and the pair were subsequently arrested."
So they gave trouble to both the hospital and the local police - in the busiest time.
Let me apologize to them for what the Japanese journalists did.

I could easily find several online articles dealing with the incident in English.

On the other hand, there was only one article written in Japanese by a Japanese online news site.
Judging from the articles I found on the site, it's pro-internet and supports the voices on the internet.
Of course it's not funded by major broadcasting companies.

The two journalists somehow thought "the freedom to broadcast" could override the local law to be undoubtedly respected, and then the Japanese media unanimously chose "the freedom not to broadcast" probably because the majority of the Japanese media often take the same kind of actions as the two did.

Here's a story about the Great Hanshin earthquake.
When there was a great earthquake in Japan, the Japanese media mobilized as many helicopters as possible not for the rescue, but to exercise their "freedom to broadcast."
Subsequently, the rescuers had hard time hearing groans of the people buried alive.
Can we not say the media indirectly killed the victims by exercising their "freedom to broadcast"?

What's interesting here is that there are numerous Japanese blogs dealing with the incident in Japanese, and all of them condemn the journalists and the mass media as a whole.
Unfortunately, the misuse of the right to broadcast is often observable among the Japanese media and was no wonder for the Japanese bloggers that the journalists, in the name of the freedom of broadcasting, violated the law.
The media used to be able to conceal this kind of inconvenient truth about themselves, but it's no longer the case.  Let's see how long they will persist in the way they are now.

Do you know the enemy?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Green float - the environmental island

Shimizu corporation proposes an innovative plan.

The company plans to construct floating cities in the equatorial area on the Pacific ocean.
According to Shimizu corporation, the equatorial area is rarely troubled by typhoons, and floating cities can expect the greatest benefits from the sunshine.
The company has been conducting comprehensive studies together with Super Collaborative Graduate School (I wonder why the name sounds so fishy), and Nomura Securities, and they plan to establish the first floating city by 2025. 2025... it make me feel so hopeful. I'll definitely visit the city as soon as it comes true (I hope it'll be affordable).

Residential areas located between 700 to 1000 above the sea level are expected to have 26-28 degrees centigrade throughout year, and each has the capacity of 30000 people.
On the other hand, 10000 people are expected to live near the water side. Sounds like the matter of economic gap creeps into this dreamlike project too.

As it is named "Green Float", the total amount of CO2 emission will go minus thanks to it's environmentally friendly structure.

Wastes from the residential areas at the top will be reused as fertilizer in the lower layers where vegetables are produced, and extractable remnants are used again in the area close to the sea level to grow grains and live stock. Finally, they reach the sea and feed the fish.

In addition, the Green Float will collect garbage floating on the Pacific ocean and take it into the ecocycle.

I hope, some day in the near future, the Green Float will blossom around the world like water lilies.

Movie about the Green Float (sorry all I could find were in Japanese)

Visit the following website for details (written in English).

Saturday, February 19, 2011


ICR (the Institute of Cetacean Research) was established in 1987 as a specialized organization to conduct cetacean research.
The organization started JAPRA (Japanese Whale Research Program under Special Permit in the Antarctic), and whaling was conducted as a part of the research.

According to ICR, the most recent JARPA review by the IWC's Scientific Committee in December 2006 concluded as follows.

"the dataset provides a valuable resource to allow investigation of some aspects of the role of whales within the marine ecosystem and that this has the potential to make an important conntribution to the Scientific Committee's work in this regard as well as the work of other relevant bodies such as the Convention for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources" and,
"the results from the research program have the potential to improve management of minke whales in the Southern Hemisphere"

As the result of the dedicated research, ICR received the authorization by IWC to conduct another series of study called JAPRAII.
Visit the official website of IRC (English ) for more details. Abundant data is available on the webpage.

On February 18, IRC decided to return its research vessel from the Antarctic due to the repeated and illegal attacks inflicted by Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.
Because of the SSCS's illegal acts, the lawful research of the Japanese vessel was ceased.
SSCS's ship rams the Japanese research vessel
When I saw the picture above, it reminded me of something, something unforgettable.

They are driven by different motives, but they share one thing in common - they are both outlaws.

The Australian government has been gladly allowing the SSCS to use one of its port, and thus he deserves condemnation.
The American government, who has been tolerating the tax exemption for SSCS, needs to order the organization to respect the international law if he wants to claim himself as the world's police.
I don't think it's worthwhile to explain the illegality of SSCS's activities.

Finally, I need to mention those who support SSCS without enough knowledge on what has been done by the organization. It's quite likely that the supporters are good people who love nature, but I'm obliged to state the following.
They need to truly appreciate the organization before they start supporting it. Without the prerequisite, it turns into mere masturbation. As to the people who support SSCC knowing all the facts, I admit that the prospect of changing their minds is not much. I wish there was a good way to understand their logic.

I wonder why these "environmental activists" don't invest donated money in scientific study to prove ICR's dataset to be incorrect and demand ICR's research to be stopped, instead of coming all the way to Japan to give the fishery a crossfire.
Can any of you feel their respect to the Japanese man?

"Love begins by taking care of the closest ones - the ones at home."

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

UndertakerRach's website

I added a link to another website.
He/she established the website just around the same time I did, and I couldn't help sympathizing with the person. Whether the person is Japanese or not, it's my duty and great honor to support the person who's been speaking up for Japan.
The website mainly deals with the issues between Japan and China, and you will be able to take a look at historical incidents from a different view.

Quote begins
In Nov. 1937, during the Battle of Nanking, the Nationalist Party established The International Propaganda Section (IPS). According to the top-secret document entitled “Outline of International Propaganda Operations,” the IPS held 300 press conferences in Hankou between Dec 1, 1937 and Oct 24, 1938. (Part2) About 35 foreign journalists and diplomats attended there. However, Chinese didn’t explain the fact which was so-called the Nanking Massacre even once during any of these 300 conferences was a statement or announcement. Quote ends

This is just a piece of information from the tremendous work on the website.
I believe UndertakerRach's website is worth visiting and there's no doubt about it.
Click here↑or the link on the right side to visit the website.

I heartily hope that more and more Japanese people will take actions for the dignity of the nation.
"Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country. "(I wish there was a Japanese politician brave enough to say the same.)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Asia Cup 2011 +

There was a soccer game between the Japanese national team and the South Korean one. Each team scored one during the regular 90 minutes, and the game went into overtime in which
Japan scored with a penalty kick. Then South Korea scored just before the end of the overtime. I was concerned about having a shoot-out because in the World Cup 2010, the Japanese national failed the shoot-out in the match with Paraguay.

Too my astonishment, Japan won the shoot-out by 3-0.
Kawashima the demigod had an inspirational performance.

He blocked shots two times, and the third shot went outside the goal.
I felt very much relieved by the result, and now I can declare that the team has overcome the trauma.

Good luck with the final game and may the better one win.

Apart from the game itself, I need to mention something that is related to the game.
One of the South Korean players Ki Sung-Yueng imitated monkey after he scored. The act meant a lot to South Koreans.
What is said is that the act is used as a contempt for the Japanese.
Knowing that the act would devalue the game, Park Ji-Sung tried to calm down the player.

Ki Sung-Yueng 's explanation was that there was a Kyokujitsu-ki, the Rising Sun Flag, prepared by Japanese supporters.
Kyokujitsu-ki means a kind of flag first used by Japanese army in 1870s, and then adopted by navy in 1889.

Actually, it's still used by the Japan Self-Defense Forces.

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
Japan Ground Self-Defense Forces
The flag is used in other ways too. For example, as a big-catch flag by fishermen, so Kyokujitsu-ki doesn't necessarily mean militarism for the Japanese. During national games, it turns into a flag for victory. It has been repeatedly used by Japanese supporters during national games. In other words, it's a Japanese culture to wave Kyokujitsu-ki on certain occasions. 

What matters is that the South Korean do not know different cultural aspects of the flag other than militaristic one. If the player truly appreciated the meaning of the flag, he would have known that the justification would not be strong enough.

If only the flag had the sole meaning to represent the militarism during WWII, he could have blamed the supporters for doing propaganda during a sports game.

Whether he just made up as what he thought could use as a justification doesn't matter.
Anyone in a representative possession has certain rules to obey.
In my opinion, he violated the rule largely due to the distorted education offered by the government, and partly because of his misled passion.

After the player's excuse for his act, a TV company called TV Asahi used the following picture as if the flag had been displayed during the game against South Korea. As you can easily guess from the Dutch flag in the picture on the left, the picture in fact was taken during 2010 World Cup.
What it implies is that TV Asahi tried to support the South Korean player by using a misleading picture. If there had been a Kyokujitsu-ki in the match against South Korea, I'm sure the TV company would have gladly used the picture from the game.

I often wonder how severely Japan had been distorted by the media until the internet started working as a surveillance network.
Maybe to some people I look like paranoiac, but I believe anyone who has read through my blog will understand my fear based on unshakable facts.

Magnified picture
Let me give you an additional piece of information, "Japan Times" is designed by "Asahi News Paper", the same Asahi.

It is presumable that "Japan Times" which is published by Asahi, who evasively - many times obviously - favors Korea and China, degrades Japan intentionally.

It's a true irony that "Asahi" which refers to "the rising sun", tried to use the rising sun flag to degrade Japan only to degrade himself in the end.

The series of games in Asia cup were so dramatic and encouraging to me, and the Japanese national team became the champion for the 4th time :D
Congratulations and thanks for the great games!

I hope Kagawa will recover from the injury soon. One of the most moving scenes was when he kissed the flag on the uniform after he scored.