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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Which is unacceptable, the leak or the concealment?

The uploader chose Youtube, the biggest video-sharing website instead of the mass media. In this case, the media were mere followers or "free riders" in other words. It's hilarious that the media who criticize the uploading of TV programs had to rely on the video-sharing website.
I believe the person wanted the truth be revealed and didn't want reward from the media, and he/she probably thought the media were unreliable, which I completely agree with.
The videos show absurd conduct of the Chinese ship, and they clearly support Japan's stand point.
Then I can't find any reason to conceal the videos. The videos can't possibly degrade Japan as those who already watched know. Unless the Japanese government prioritized China over Japan, the concealment couldn't have taken place.
Some people insist that it was reasonable because we need to maintain good relation ship between Japan and China. However, true friendship is never based on excessive indulgence.

The Japanese government tried to conceal the videos despite the fact that they completely support Japan's explanation of the collision. The government insists that the videos which included the top secret were "leaked" by a "criminal," but my understanding is almost opposite from the government's view.
The uploader accused the government of the almost treasonable concealment, and he/she bravely enabled us to watch what we were entitled to watch. The government should be thankful to the uploader because the person made up for the government's erroneous decision.
During the conference after the exposure, the chief secretary Sengoku criticized the uploader saying that it was unacceptable, but again I have to say "the way the government including you treated the videos was unacceptable."
Chinese violater was released desipite the obvious illegality, and now the government is determined to single out the uploader who is seen as a patriot.
Which do you think is more acceptable?

The following is a brief analysis of the critical scene.

This picture explains the intention of the steersman.

 ①The steersman didn't steer and let the ship go straight.
 ②The steersman tried to avoid collision.

 The steersman steered leftward to intentionally bump into the ship. This is the case, and it's too obvious to have alternative views.

PS. A member of Japan Marine Self Defense Force confessed that it was him who uploaded the videos.
I claim that he should never be arrested since he acted for the national sovereignty and citizens who belong to the nation. I'm ready to do a signature against his arrest and I believe the majority of the Japanese are feeling the same way.


  1. The man is a hero, if someone in the government tries to have him arrested he/she will be committing political suicide. Members of the military are always putting themselves in danger to protect their country, they have the courage and honor that few others can match.

    What this man did was very brave, he risked not only his career but many years of his life, just to protect Japan's national honor. He should be awarded a medal, and never punished.

    Mr Nasaki, what happened to you're previous entry? I noticed it disappeared 1-2 days ago.

    [However, true friendship is never based on excessive indulgence.]

    I really liked those words they are so true, friendship means you can trust the other to always try to treat you right. People and nations shouldn't have to 'butt kiss' if there is friendship between them.

    Japan extended it's friendship to China, but they don't seem interested in it, constantly shunning Japan despite it's many generous gestures of friendship.

    The video and photographic analysis shows conclusive evidence that the fishing vessel deliberately rammed into the Japanese ship, and yet China says it's fake and still demands apologies from Japan.

    The Chinese government acts like a sociopathic child who finds fault with Japan in everything. I've never once seen China treat Japan with respect, yet Japan has constantly shown China enormous amounts of respect.

  2. [Mr Nasaki, what happened to you're previous entry? I noticed it disappeared 1-2 days ago.]
    Sorry, I somehow kept the status "draft" and it didn't seem to be on the site for the while.

  3. Oh! I was worried that it was pulled down for having the video on it. I'm glad that isn't the case. :P

  4. Hello Mr.Nasaki,
    There is a vidio site which introduces mainly Japan-China issues in English. The writer works quite hard to inform the truth of the history and the standpoint of Japan. I know almost nothing about the writer(he/she) but have visitted often.


    There is a video about Senkaku in the site,too.
    Please try to visit there when you have time and I would be so greatful if you ask a link if you like the site.

    The article about Senkaku and other issues about Japan-China are flooded in Japan's blog in Japanese but not many of them in English. So this kind of blog like you run is very important.
    As you may know sending comments in English from Japan is very few and it is regrettable also in an overseas news media site that the comment of the Japanese is a little.
    On the other hand there are always a large amount of mocus Japan bashing.

    I am not very good at English though I would do what I can.
    Thank you!

  5. Thanks for informing me about the web page, I sent a message to him/her.

    I'm sorry for this belated reply. Your comment was somehow categorized as spam, so it took me a while to notice it.

    I hope people like you and the writer of the web page complement one another so that foreigners, and the Japanese themselves, can truly understand our country.
    I will try to be a help with what little I have.