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Friday, November 5, 2010

Leaked videos

Please remember that the original video is more than two hours long.

However, the videos posted on websites are at least much longer than the one reviewed among a few representatives in the Diet (it was excessively edited and the length was only 6 and a half minutes long according to news).

The government idiotically didn't publicize the video and the decision turned out this way. I feel as if the current administration were willing to lose its reputation.

If there's anything still not shown, I demand the government and the media publicize it. It's their duty and our right.

Subtitled in English

Followings are linked videos from "niconico movie"

Sorry, I couldn't show them as soon as they were leaked because I was away in Tokyo for a day.


  1. What is this all about? Sounds serious!

  2. I'm pretty sure it's that Chinese ship that rammed into the Japanese ship back in September. It definitely looks like the same vessel, and i'm pretty sure i can hear Chinese and i know that the other language is Japanese.

    It's outrageous, but it's also humorous in a way. The ship rams the Japanese ship and moments later...smoke...dead in the water "help". They are lucky the Japanese are so nice and polite, if it was up to me i would have tossed them an inner tube, and a few sandwiches and left.

    I bet the Chinese crew felt humiliated asking for help from the Japanese they had been insulting and ramming only moments later. A small measure of comfort i supose..

    Can you tell what they are saying? I'd imagine it would be somthing like "Blah blah blah, our island, blah blah blah, bad Japan, blah blah blah help us our ship broke." am i right?

  3. [What is this all about? Sounds serious!]
    Chinese fishing boat rammed into Japan’s ship inside Japanese territory, and the videos show how exactly it happened.

    [It's outrageous, but it's also humorous in a way.]
    It’s outrageous and also hilarious that the Japanese self-defense force couldn’t even protect itself. The systemic failure of the exclusively defensive security policy.

    In the videos, the Japanese ship announces "you are inside Japan's territory, leave out of the territory immediately" in Chinese - only to be rammed.
    The exclusively defensive security policy inflicts too many restrictions on the self-defense force, and ended up like this. I'm sure it's a respectable policy, but unless neighbors stop exploiting the policy, Japan has to change the policy as soon as possible.

  4. I apologize, it was wrong of me to joke about such an important thing..

    Do you think the self defence force could have been more aggressive in dealing with the Chinese ship?

  5. Don't worry, I wasn't insulted at all.
    If it had been permitted by the law, the Japanese ships could've been "aggressive enough" to avoid being rammed twice with nothing but warning against it.
    If the Chinese seamen had known they would be treated in a different way, I'm sure the outcome could've been different.