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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I was obliged to post this video.
I need to send as many messages as possible because there simply aren't enough Japanese bloggers writing in English.

Japan's whaling is as lawful as possible while some "environmental activists" violate international laws.
I wonder if they are aware that they degrade other activists.
If they are not aware,they need to be conscious of it. That'll probably change their way of acting if they have what is called "culture of shame."
If they knowingly violate international laws, shame on you.


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  2. I hate these people, they attack Japanese ships and damage them, then they have the audacity to make a TV show "whale wars" about it?

    I love animals, i have a little kitten that i adopted- but people need to eat! There is nothing wrong with what the Japanese are doing, so long as they obey international law (which they have always done as far as i know) while doing so.

    These people should be arrested and made to pay property damage to the companies and people who own the fishing boats.

  3. Thanks for the comments Sakurablank. Unfortunately, I have to leave for Tokyo for job-hunting purpose within an hour, and I haven't finished packing yet.
    So, I can't answer you for a while. (probably about 2 days)
    I'll answer as soon as I return.

  4. Thank you very much! ^^

    I wish you the best of luck on you're job search!

  5. I think many of anti-whaling people believe that Japan is whaling endangered species, but it’s not the case. Japan has no intention of eradicating whales. Instead, Japan pursues sustainable whaling. Who on the earth wants to extinguish a species which is one part of its culture? Would beef-eating and poke-eating people ever extinguish cows and pigs? We need to respect different cultures. I believe most people agree with the idea – all we need is unbiased information.

  6. I agree, as long as the species isn't reduced i don't think anyone should have a problem with it.

    We have the same problem when it comes to hunting and logging, and i say the same thing you do. It doesn't make sense to reduce the population below sustainable levels, it would only serve to ensure it can't be done in the future. That would force people out of work, cause food shortages, and hurt local economies.

    Not to mention hunting is very important to our culture, as is the case with whaling to Japan.

    The Japanese are very smart people, they would never hunt whales to extinction, that would only hurt them.