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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wanna live in Japan?

 This is a response to questions from nomercyy.

Q1. Is living in suburbs of Japan as expensive as in cities?

It depends on the place you wanna live in.
In general, the residential cost is lower, sometimes significantly lower in suburb than cities. Grocery store usually cost the same, and sometimes higher in surburban areas.
There's one thing you must possess to live in either surburban or rural area.
The car is MUST in those areas, especially in rural areas, because the infrastructure in less populous areas is not as good as big cities. 

Q2. Would it be hard to get a job as an English teacher there?

There's always huge demand for native English speakers since English language is virtually mandatory in Japanese schools.
I checked a list of English teaching jobs, and most of the offers seemed to be from big cities such as Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo. Most of them require university diploma. Some of them require experience in teaching and others do not. All of them pay higher than the companies I've taken job interviews for. LOL.......

If you specify the place you would like to live, I can do further research.

I hope the following websites give you good pieces of information.

If you wanna be an English teacher in Japan.
Jobs in general and residential info and so on.
General tips for foreigners, perhaps too wordy.
What is called guest house
Room share in Japan


  1. Haha to be honest, neither am I! Thank you for the answers, I'll try my best to follow your work and comment it. Thanks again, nasaki.

  2. It's truly my pleasure.
    I'm highly interested how visitors respond to my writings, so feel free to ask me again.

  3. Wow! It really reminds me of the US! I've always wanted to visit Japan, it is such a beautiful country, with great people food, history, and so many other wonderful things!

    Is it true that people from Osaka speak differently than other Japanese? I have heard that if i learned Japanese from a Tokyo speaker, that i will not be able to understand someone from Osaka.

    I really love you're site! ( i saw it on you tube)

  4. As you think, some dialects are tough to understand. However, since Osaka dialect is one of the most popular daialects spoken in Japan, you often see people speaking Osaka-ben (means Osaka's dialect) on TV.
    So, miscommunication is unlikely to happen between standard speakers and Osaka-ben speakers.

    Thanks for the compliment!:D

  5. Oh thank you very much! I was always worried about what dialect i should be learning. :P

    I wish there where more sites like this! I have learned a lot! :D

  6. Oh, i thought of another question :P

    Is it true that it isn't Japanese custom to tip money to the waitress/waiter after visiting a restaurant?

    If it's not and i did, would it offend anyone?