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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Smoking room

The following picture shows smoking room at a station in Japan.
Since it has transparent walls (probably to prevent crimes), this looks like a cage.
I wonder if these people feel nothing about this situaiton.
I don't think I can feel comfortable inside the room.
The strong addiction has made the mind numb.

Do you have the same kind of smoking rooms in your country?
Are smokers less oppressed in your countries?


  1. We don't have anything like that, though many places do have smoking and non-smoking 'sections' in a building. Ohio passed a law in 2008 that made it
    illegal to smoke inside a public building, and many businesses have made it a policy not to allow smoking within a mile of the store entrance.

    I really can't stand smoke myself, it always makes me cough, gag, and makes my eyes water. It's considered very rude to smoke near non-smokers, but that small room looks very crule and rude as well.

    Only 2 out of 10 people smoke here, and in the last 20 years there has been a large cultural shift about smoking. Smoking used to be considered perfectly fine, and even 'cool', but once it started becoming known that it was a major health risk, and addictive- there was a large backlash against it.

    For example, from 1950-1980 almost 5 out of 10 people smoked, but after several laws got passed, and health risks became publicly acknowledge, the amount of smokers dropped dramatically. to 30%, then 20% and should be lowed further in the next 10 years if many of the predictions are right.

    As long as i don't have to breath 2nd hand smoke, i don't mind smoking. I think it's nice that people are becoming more aware of the dangers of smoking, but keeping so many people together in such a small room seems mean. I think it's a good idea, but i think the rooms should be much larger and more relaxing.

    Non-smoking rooms or sections shouldn't be a punishment, I think it should be just a place where people who want to smoke can go and relax without being hassled for smoking around non-smokers.

    I tried smoking a cigarette once when i was 13..i thought i was going to suffocate xD Admittedly, i've become very sensitive to smoke, my mom smokes all the time and it drives me crazy >_<

    It's odd though, i've noticed that smokers have a much much higher tollorence to smoke than non-smokers. A smoker can walk into a room that is filled with smoke and not be botherd by it, while a non-smoker becomes misrerable.

  2. There are no smoking rooms in my country.
    You can hear in the news that the government wants to put those to use but you can only hear about it. Smoking is so widespread that people walk on the street with a cigarette in their hands not giving a shit.
    Well, technically there are is prohibition of smoking at bus stops and in very crowded places, but if there is no police around at the moment, nobody cares about it.
    Restaurants, there are tables for smokers and non-smokers, but this is hilarious. I once saw a smoking table RIGHT NEXT to a non-smoking one. Maybe there actually are smoking rooms in my country, maybe in the capital, but definitly not in my city.

  3. I think most smoking rooms are not as crowded as this one. This one is probably located at a large station(sorry it was misleading).
    I have a brother who has persisted in smoking for many years. Since the government raised cigarette tax at the beginning of this month, he has been trying to quit smoking.
    I hope he will get over this unreasonably costly-both physically and financially-habit.
    My brother knows it's not worthy, but he had been too addicted to quit.
    While the Japanese government cracks down on marijuana and other drags, they still maintain relatively low cigarrete tax (prices vary 2$-5$) despite it's stronger addictive effect in comparison with marijuana.

    Thanks for telling me about the situations in your countries:D