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Monday, October 25, 2010

One day in an Economics class

The economics professor taught us about saving.
He insisted that many people do not know that too much saving stagnates the economy.
I completely agreed with his statement, but I felt something vain at the same time.
No matter how strongly he emphasized the problems with savings, his words echoed vainly.
Why did I feel this way?
Because he was speaking to youngsters, who always want to spend money.
Students, who can't, and probably will not be able to spend a lot because of financial oppression inflicted by too much saving of elders.
The media and the government needs to broadcast the facts about saving to elders who worship the saving.
I'm not certain whether or not they will start using the money, but proper knowledge will benefit us in the long run for sure.

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  1. I totally agree, saving money is a good contingency plan if somthing happens, but it also slows down the econamy if it's overdone.

    My grandpa always tells me the best way to save is to buy things with money like land, treasury bonds, stock, gold, and other things that always have value regaurdless of what the USD is valued at.

    Having a savings in things other than money helps the econamy, and allows people to hold onto things of value.

    Our Youth and Elders are the same way, the Youth want to go out and spend their entire paycheck as soon as they get it, and old people want to save most of it.