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Saturday, October 16, 2010

He is like a heavy tank.

Keisuke Honda is one of the best soccer player Japan has ever had, but I'm not sure if he can maintain the ball-keeping ability even against Europeans and Africans who have significant physical strength compared to Asians.

The more games I watch, the more optimistic I become. Although the result was 0-0, I was still satisfied because I could see great possibility in this team.

Game results after 2010WC

Japan VS Paraguay       1-0
Japan VS Guatemala     2-1
Japan VS Algentina       1-0
Japan VS South Korea  0-0          So far so good :D


  1. I've heard of Keisuke Honda! He is a very good soccer player! He is very fast :P

  2. Yeah, I'm a football fan myself. I remember the game with Denmark this World Cup. Those free kicks by Honda and Endo were god-like.

  3. I was in the seventh heaven When I witnessed the great victory. I heard my neighbors shouting out of excitement.

  4. hehee, i get that way at baseball games. :P

  5. Glad to hear that, I'll write about Japanese baseball "Yakyu" someday in the near future.
    I also want to write about Ichiro and other Japanese major leaguers.