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Friday, October 8, 2010

Football - Japan VS Algentina


Here's a surprising news.

Japan defeated Algentina by 1-0. Although Japan had the advantage of home game, it was still a great triumph.(Japan had never even drawn VS Algentina)
I'm not a expert of soccer, but Japan seemed to be cometitive enough even against Algentina.
During the first half of the game, Japan was almost overwhelming Algentina. (I know I'm pro-Japan)
After the world cup in South Africa, Japan hired Italian manager for the national team.
He had had practice with the national team members only for 6 times before today's game.
Judging from the amount of the practice the manager had with members, it is presumable that today's victory resulted from Japan's original capability rather than the Italian's managerial skill.
On the other side of the joy, I'm concerned about this too-successful beginning of the team.

A minor concern
The Italian manager, Alberto Zaccheroni, fears to change in a way he previously planned.
This can be frustrating to him, which will probably give unwelcomed influence on the team.

I can have a good sleep for tonight thanks to the feat.

Cheers to the visctory.

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