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Monday, October 18, 2010

Dancing robot made in Japan

Getting closer to human beings day by day.
According to the article I read, this robot uses a program called "Choreonoid" to control the movement, while it uses another program "Vocaloid" as voice synthesizer.

I see great possibility in it. One of the most urgent problems in Japan is lack of care workers who serve the elderly and the disabled. This kind of robots can be a possible solution. Either making the occupation more attractive or introducing revolutionary method like nursing robot is necessary for this graying society. I'm so proud of this country because I can think of such a seemingly abusurd suggestion as a possible option.

The follwoing is the link to the institute which made the robot.  (written in English)

Another robot called "ACTROID-F".

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  1. I always get so excited whenever an advancement in robotics happens! Japan has long been at the the forefront of robotics, i really hope i get to see a practical lifelike robot in my lifetime..that would be awesome! xD

    Chobits! :P