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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

War reparation from Japan to China.

Today I again tried to post my opinion since I saw the following on Yahoo News―only to be rejected.

China and Japan are two historical blood brothers. Their friendships began thousands of years before the USA was even born. The Chinese culture has been the backbone of the J apanese culture for centuries and the friendship of these two countries are as close as tongue and teeth then.

Due to a very unfortunately turn of history, J apan invaded and brutally attacked China some 60 years ago, causing untold misery on its people. This part of history should be fully admitted by J apan and its people for the sake of its future generations from ever committing the same mistakes and to avoid future Chinese generations from taking a full revenge on them. If it ever happens, who on earth would blame them. Though all human beings can learn to forget and forgive their enemies, but the scars of the wounds will remain forever. It is human nature to want a revenge and this is witnessed throughout history.

The only enemy of J apan that got the fullest and most satisfying revenge is the USA, although she suffered at the most 1% of what China suffered. The leaders of J apan should continually and sincerely work on mending the wounds it inflicted deeply onto the Chinese people and to never be fooled and used by other nations to further hurt the Chinese people. The modern Chinese people are now certainly more capable, sophisticated and united than their forefathers. There is an ancient Chinese saying, "The teeth although hard, will fall down, The tongue although soft, will not snap". For goodness sake, let us all be friends, forever and ever. Shouldn't we.?
EXCERPT ends here

The following is what I tried to post on YahooNews.

Japanese leaders have officially apologized to China for multiple times.
Japan has both financially and technically helped China for many years.
In 1972, China officially renounced the right for war reparation from Japan.
Chinese people haven’t been properly informed of what Japan has done for China. It actually is “proper for Chinese government,” but undoubtedly distorted. The government needs scapegoat, and Japan has been the scapegoat for years.
So, what else do you ask Japan to do?
Even more ODA and other supports for China? which is undoubtedly helping China's military enforcement.
Or perhaps unconditional surrender to China?
Please don’t speak as if Japan had been the only one who exploited China.
It's very much easy and seemingly reasonable to blame things to one.
Let me give you an example, the current recession originated from the US, but everybody, except countries of traditional lifestyle, had benefited from the economic boost mainly driven by the US.
Don't you guys think its absurd to blame it solely to the US?
Your words sound unrealistically peaceful.
I mean good, I actually think you are a person of good virtue.
Just please remember that Chinese government renounced the right for war reparation, and that Japan has apologized to and supported China for many years after WWII.

My posting has been rejected for more than 3 days and for not a few time, I hope it accepts this time.
I was being kind of emotional when I typed the above.

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  1. I completely agree with what you said, Japan has more than atoned for the mistakes of the past. Japan has done more than any other country in the history of the world to prove that it was regretful over what happened. I do not think Japan owes China anything further, or anyone else for that mater. If China can't learn to forgive, then that is their problem.

    China has been placing blame on Japan for seemingly every one of it's problems. I strongly belive they are trying to divert attention away from their internal problems, by turning public dissent over CCP policies into nationalistic causes by simply "changing the subject" and controlling information.

    Playing on nationalistic feelings is a very effective means of control, and painting Japan as the 'bad guy' will serve to give their people somthing to agree on, and will keep the CCP in power by exploiting it. This policy never ends well, and we have too many examples in history of why.