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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My reply to yahoo

Thanks for your quick reply.
Unfortunately I'm still havig trouble.
1 If you're not seeing a comment you or someone else posted, it could be
because enough readers on the site have voted Thumbs Down on the
comment. If enough readers vote Thumbs Down on a comment, it is
automatically hidden in order to make more room for other comments.
1 This is unlikely because I checked the page right after confirmation.
Do you think it's possible that someone clicks Thumbs Down at the speed of light?
2 You can change how the comments are sorted to see the newest comments
first. Each news article displays 10 comments per page. Keep in mind
that if a lot of readers are commenting on a story you may have to view
several pages of comments in order to find yours.

2 I keep it "newest first."
3 If you are still unable to find the comments you made in Yahoo! News you
can use Yahoo! Pulse to view and manage them. Yahoo! News doesn't offer
a comment search feature for locating your comments, so your best option
is using Yahoo! Pulse. I've passed your suggestion for a comment search
feature on to the Yahoo! News Product Team and they will put it under
consideration for a future release.
3 It didn't help me either. It showed my previous postings, but not this time.
4 Furthermore, I would also recommend that you clear your browser's cache
and cookies. We've found that clearing your cache and cookies resolves a
lot of browser-related issues. To do so, please follow the instructions
below for your specific browser:
4 I clear my cache and cookies once in a while.
Just in case, I tried posting right after undergoing the process - unfortunately didn't work.

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